Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tiny twerty twoo twoo

Ever since she was a little mini ninja in my belly, we have had lots of nicknames for Roslynne. One is: Twertle. She has recently started to explain to us, "No, dadda. No mama. Tur-tall." This might be awful to put in print but we say it the "right/wrong" way to get a kick out of purely messing with her. If you can't enjoy your children, why have them? Hahahaha. Roslynne started at Community Kids School in Cochran's Crossing in The Woodlands on Sept 4th. We chose this private Baptist school because it's small, kid/teacher ratio is low, and they are a dedicated school serving children 18 mos-5 years.
Her first day was September 4th. She is going 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. I made sure that we went and toured a lot during their 1 month "Summer Program" so that Roz could get a good feel for it. She really loved it from the first day and wanted to play with all of the kids. She cried for about 10 minutes, didn't want to eat her lunch and failed to take a nap but I think that not eating lunch had to do with 2 things. 1. We had a large protein packed breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast and milk. 2. She was in a new environment. Miss Jessica (Her teacher) also noted that Roslynne is the youngest in her class and the only child that can say her 3 syllable name. I was awfully proud of that. Thank goodness for a diverse group of friends and lots or long names! When the kids laid down for a nap, most of them fell fast to sleep and when her teacher changed the kids sing-a-long dvd, Roslynne told her, "Thank you, Miss Jessica." I was quite proud of my polite tiny twerds. September 6th, 2012
Her 2nd day seemed to really excite her as we were leaving the house. I knew that she might be a little freaked out once we got to the school, as her memory would most likely serve her well and she knew that I would leave her there so we took a moment for a photo opt to be silly and have 3 minutes of fun!
Sitting at the table on her first day.
Miss Jessica said that this 2nd day, had been a good day. When we got to her classroom, Roslynne hollered and made a scene and grasped onto my body for dear life...It was reported that she calmed down in 10 minutes and really enjoyed herself. She ate all of her lunch and even took an hour nap at noon! Day Three: September 11, 2012
Roslynne: *Whining* "Mama, mama..." Rose: *Give Roslynne to Jessica* Roslynne: *whining some more* Jessica: "Hi Roslynne, what's wrong?' Roslynne: "I need uh baby" Jessica: "What baby do you want?" Roslynne: *Points* "That one." Rose: *no longer being acknowledged and left alone to a mild sadness* Day Four: September 13, 2012
Day four was a difficult day for me. She explained out by the truck that she didn't need to go into school. In fact, she said to me: "No school, mom. No Miss Jessica. No Miss Heather. Rozi's favorite color is pink." She was really piecing all of her sentences together to convince me that she didn't need to go in. HAHAHA
Once inside I put her at her desk and she didn't try to stay in my arms AT ALL. She sat down in her chair and said, "Mama, Mama, Mama." As soon as she was seated, Jessica asked her if she wanted a cracker, to which she replied, "Cracker? Did you say, cracker? Cracker please, Miss Jessica." So...I left. That was all she wrote... Roslynne has been saying 5 word sentences for the past few weeks but after only 4 days of pre-k, Roslynne can sing her ABC's, in exception of skipping MNO. Her version is: H,I,J,K,L...P... still cute. and instead of saying: Now I know my ABCs, she sings: Happy are we, know our ABCs. ********* I just finished my 29th lesson plan for Activity Days so I'm still uber stoked about my calling. I had some really awesome feedback and my friend, Elanor, who's daughter is in Senior Girls Activity Days, told me at church today that she adtually whipped out my before and after photos and gave her daughter a little lesson about outward appearances. That just MADE MY DAY! I can't wait to have our next meeting on the 26th about Inner and Outer grooming: Spirituality is a Thing of Beauty. GUNG HO SUPER STAR! I don't even know what that means but I really thought it out loud in my head. LOL. ********** Well, it's getting to be that time that I need to start the never ending process of laundry for the night so I'd better sign off. BUT REAL QUICK! We bought an annual membership to the Houston Zoo!! Here is our family picture to commemorate the awesome occasion! SO thankful to live in such a diverse city that offers many opportunities to spend quality time as a family <3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Calling and I LOVE IT!

So.... I recieved a new calling at church to be the Activity Days Leader for 8-9 year old girls (Kind of like Girl Scouts). I am SO excited. I planned 29 activities, including lesson plans with checkists and shopping lists! LOL. I'm even MORE excited that I will be working with two of my favoritest people in the entire universe: Yuki S. and Kate C. I've looked up a lot of different activities and tweaked some things too. Hopefully posting my lesson plans will help someone else with activity days and ALSO hope with my journaling/blogging. Looking back, I took time to write a lot and it's a great way to keep people in the know, as well as, for future reference... Instant gratification has kept me from blogging. I plan to copy and past this into the facebook group for the parents and will probably share some of the funnier pictures from activities on my wall (With parental consent of course) but I decided to make the valiant effort at updating all three. You'll have to excuse the typos and grammatical errors. I have found, now that I'm 30...yep, I admitted it, that it's not about how grande the final outcome is, it's about the offer itself. (Learned that while visiting teaching. LOL)So here it is, raw, and tweaked from Tonight:
Health and Grooming (FiG pg.11,3): Talk to girls about keeping their bodies clean and what it can be like if we don’t. Lesson: Have Yuki introduce Rose as new leader. Rose will be dressed down and look dirty with messy hair. Yuki acts like Rose smells and has bad breath, among other things. Yuki asks Rose when the last time she showered was, did she brush her teeth this morning, and when did she change her clothes last. Then Yuki hands Rose a mirror and asks if she looked at herself before leaving this morning. After Rose says no Yuki tells her that she might want to go take a look at her appearance in the bathroom and hands Rose her bag. Rose changes and comes back. Ask the girls what they noticed about Rose's BEFORE appearance and discuss the feelings the girls had when meeting their new leader while she was disheveled and how they felt when she came back clean and put together. HAVE A SNACK while Rose gets changed. Pass around a basket with the following items in it: Deodorant, loofah, soap, washcloth, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, headband, tissues, toothbrush, gum, lotion and a flower for hair and a comb. Each girl picks out 2 items and we discuss what those items are and why and when we use it. ACTIVITY After discussion, have manicures!

Monday, August 27, 2012 this thing on?

Now that facebook has taken over my life with easy posting and status updates...I've completely ignored my blog. I remember when I used to just start itchin' from the kitchen to write something and here I am working part time from home and not making the time to write something interesting. Hmmmm....Well, enough is enough! I promise to write more tomorrow. G'night all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots of things...


Sits up, has 2 teeth, weighs 15 pounds 6.5 ounces and just had her first pedicure.

Pics here:

February specials and 6 monthscheck up:

Has Teeth!

Girls day out:

Still working like a crazy man. Had the flu, feels better. Got an iPhone for Valentine's Day.

Likes to go for long walks by himslef but always comes home. Still snores when he sleeps and adors his sister. (Even when she screams.)

Starting a jewelry business. Yay!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So the last time I blogged, my daughter was a week old. Hmmm....Time just flies.

I'll be changing from everal narrative points and it may sound like I'm crazy but I'm just trying to get it all out....please bare with me.

Things have been pretty crazy around our house. Updates:

August 8, 2010

August: Had a gorgeous little girl come into our lives. I didn't have a hard time with delivery and was up, walking on my own about 2 hours after birth. Adjusting to life wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be but I think it's because I was phyching myself out for the past 4 years, how it would be when I finally had a baby. Rose's mom came to visit for 2 weeks and we had a bunch of friends stop by to meet our newest addition. Grandpa George came a few times and Aunt Ranee came from Wyoming too.. We had to deal with some baby tummy issues but got them resolved around...

September: Baby girl was able to meet her Aunt Kim. Carl's sister's, Lindsay and Kim, Roslynne's cousin Caroline and Grandma Sue came to visit. Roslynne had her first trip to Galveston Beach, Kemah Boardwalk and Old Town Spring. We had a lot of photo shoots and basically spent a lot of time adoring a sweet girl. I was up and about taking the baby shopping and even going into the office a few times during this month to help transition before going back in...

October: It was tough to be going back to work but Roslynne had already been sleeping through the night for the last few weeks in September. Sleep deprivation has not been a problem. Basically just getting to work on time was my issue. nothaving time restaints for 2 months can really throw you out of wack. Luckily I didn't have the teary eyed good bye the firs tmorning back, nor did I have a break down when I left her with someone else. Basically for 2 reasons. The first reason is that our Nanny is a CNA. Second reason is that she is one of the best mother's I know. Wanna verify? Most of you probably know her: Amy Zmolek. :) She also happens to be one of my best friends. I don't have to worry about Rozi obtaining the snotty only child attitude (Not that everyonly/oldest child has this attitude, like me, lol.....but some do. LOL.) because Amy has 2 boys (Zack, 3 and Drew, 18 months) and they love on her like two doting big brothers. Drew shares food and Zach steals Drews toys to give to Roslynne and sometimes they have a tendency to love (Hugs) on her a little rough but it will only make her stronger. We went trick-or-treating around the block and at our church for Trunk or Treat. Roslynne and I were both bees and Carl was the Bee Catcher.

November: Our first Thanksgiving was a little tough. We planned a large gathering but our house decided to have a malfunction. (Basically) the entire first floor of our house was flooded by the resevoir on our toilet in the half bath. Luckily it was CLEAN water but the damage was terrifying for an OCD-Type A personality-Freakazoid. Luckily Amy came to our rescue and let us have dinner at her house. So SHE could be the OCD-Type A personality-Freakazoid.---> Which she did. Ha! Carl, Rozi, my dad, step-mom, brother, sister and I shared a fabulous 2/2 suite at the Marriott. It didn't turn out too bad, as they had a full breakfast buffet and dinner buffet every night that we stayed. I didn't have to lift a hair to clean or cook. I thought about flooding the upstairs for Christmas. LOL.

December: We were excited to put together Christmas, though the damage downstairs was still pretty substancial so we we turned my craft room/toy room into Christmas overload. Once again, we had too many presents under the tree but we had good friends to share in our small family fun. We all seemed extremely spoiled. Carl got some new clothes from J. Crew, some new silk ties, a "Leg" lamp replica from a Christmas story and a weekend getaway voucher for a small railroad city in North Texas. I got a brand new digital 60 stitch sewing machine, shoes and clothes. Roslynne recieved gifts from all over the country! Gifts from parents of friends and grandparents and aunts and uncles. Boscoe had too many ropes and treats that he still has not had a chance to take a bite out of.

January: has been a fun month. We can barely believe our little girl is 5 months and 11 days old! We have had a lot of videos and pictures posted on to facebook but we haven't had time to get on our blog. We will try to be less lazy (It's SO easy to upload to facebook and not have to write anything) and update more often.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular New Year!

Rose, Carl, Roslynne and Boscoe

(P.s. Pardon the French,er, grammar, I don't have time nor the want to proofread. Ha!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The End...

The end of pregnancy that is...

I had kept a log of my contractions for this post but when I had to do a hard reset on my phone, I forgot about it and lost all of the numbers. Luckily...Going into labor with Roslynne is not something I will easily forget. Well, I haven't forgotten yet, anyway.

Dr. Westmoreland planned on inducing my on Monday, August 9, 2010 so I figured I was cutting it pretty short, having not buying my breast pump yet so I solicited my friend Amy, a friend/mother/RN that I look to for lots of advice. She said, OK and that we could go on the prior Saturday.

Saturday came and Amy came over with hubby, Matt and 2 boys Zach and Drew. I was sitting at the kitchen table eating Church's Chicken when I felt a sharp kick. Rozi got me so good I was was sure she aimed for my bladder and initiated a minor accident. Being pregnant, though I honestly hadn't had any previous incidents, I shrugged it off and went to change. At 5:30 p.m. we were off to Babies'R'Us to get a breast pump.

We walked around the store for about an hour and I started to feel some contractions. When we got to the register I told Amy, "Everyone keeps asking me if I have had any Braxton Hicks Contractions and ya know, I don't think I have. Or maybe I have and I keep putting it off as Roslynne moving or kicking me. Either way, I think I'm having them now. They REALLY hurt. I'm such a baby...!" Amy replied, "Well, you can't have her yet. We're taking the boys to the zoo tomorrow. Hear that Rozi Roo? You're not allowed to come out yet." I told her, "I think she listens to you because she stopped." At that moment Amy received a text from Matt that reminded her to go get milk and Tortilla Chips. Luckily for us there is a Kroger next to the baby store....

Walking up to Kroger I started getting the irritating Braxton Hicks. We got into the store and I told Amy, "I really don't think I can walk any further. I am in a lot of pain. Go ahead and go get the chips and milk. I'll wait here and read about celebrity drama." When Amy got back to the front I asked for her keys because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep pace with her on the way out. Once I got to the car I started timing the contractions thinking maybe I was starting the first false round of contractions.


Amy came out and I told her, "I think I'm having real ones." She told me she wouldn't take me to the hospital until the were consistent for at least 20 minutes.


I sent Carl a text and told him: I'm having contractions :)
Carl text: I'm in line at the Barber shop to get my hair cut.
I wrote: OK
Carl wrote: do I have time to get my hair cut?
Rose, "Amy, does Carl have time to get his hair cut?"
Amy, "How many minutes apart now?"
Rose, "5-8"
Amy, "I don't know."
Rose texts: I guess
Carl: I've been waiting a long time.
Rose: That's fine


I am mildly freaking out because I didn't plan to be in labor until I was safely tucked inside my hospital bed Monday evening with Pitocin hooked up to my all of my clothes were in the dryer. I went to my room to make sure we had everything for when Carl got home. I decided that distraction would be my only saving grace so I didn't start yelling about the hair cut.I decided to curl my hair and put on my make up.


Alex came into the bedroom and asked, "Are you in labor?" and I responded, "I think so but if Carl's getting a haircut and going to look nice in pictures, I am too."


Carl gets home. He grabs the bags and we leave out friends to go to the hospital. We get to the hospital and they take us to Triage to make sure things were going according to plan. The nurse confirmed my water broke and admitted us at 11:00 p.m. I got a pain pill and then the epidural at midnight. We slept for a little bit and I was dilated 9+ at 11:13 a.m. Sunday morning and told us that we'd have a baby in 10-15 minutes. at 11:30 she came back in and told us that the Dr. has an emergency delivery and she would be in shortly. The nurse stopped the pitocin to slow the contractions. When the Dr. finally made it into the room, the contractions stopped completely! Drip, drip, drip. Pitocin back on. 3 big pushes and we had a perfect little girl at 11:47 a.m. on August 8, 2010.

Little Miss Roslynne Marie had arrived!

The End.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes it's time to put your purse on the counter and lift up your uzi...

If I were a violent person...and didn't care about killing people or going to jail...

I spoke to two emotionally numb warehouse employees of Houston Bel Furniture on Monday. (I can understand that you have to keep a distance when you're in customer care. You can't fall all over and give away the farm but I do expect to be treated as a human being, have people take responsibilty for their mistakes, say I'm sorry and compensate. NOTE: I DID NOT say OVER-compensate....but enough has to be friggin' enough sometimes. I not only want their farm but their horses, chickens and cows too.) The pick-up guy said Claudia, the Warehouse Manager, would not be in until 1:00 p.m. but that he would personally hand deliver a written message to her when she got in. Being a fair, I think fair, person, I wanted to give her a little bit of time to settle in, thus the 2:00 p.m. allowance I gave her to call me back...When 2:00 p.m. came and went, I proceeded to call incessently. Of course, no one answered at any extension. The only person who picks up is the delivery guy and he doesn't want to give me his name. Oh WELL, what can I do? Anyhow, so I'm calling between the hours of 2:00 p.m.-5:18 p.m. and only get a slew of voicemails. Dont' get me wrong, I leave some but they just don't return calls. I still hadn't gotten phone calls from when I left last week.... Finally the warehouse dude picks up at 5:18 p.m. and I can't help but get a little nasty. He told me that Claudia actually didn't come in at all. I told him I wanted to talk to some supervisor NOW. He patched me through to Julie, the customer service manager that I had left 3 voicemails for. She tells me, I can have that delivered to your house on Wednesday. They will give you a 4 hr window. I told her that they had wasted enoguh of my time and enough of my employer's time and that I needed a smaller window and an evening delivery. She said ok. I then corrected the telephone numbers they had on file for us, AGAIN.

Carl called me on his lunch break and told me that he had a voice message from the delivery guy that told him he would be at our house between noon and 4:00 p.m. If we were not there, they would not drop off the furniture and we would need to reschedule. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I have told them to change the phone numbers to the umptieth time and the time that they call, the have the audacity to tell me, they won't deliver my furniture because it's our fault we didn't answer the phone number they weren't supposed to CALL!? OMG.

So the phone dialing continues as I try to get a hold of, aybe, a more intelligent moron... Again with the voicemails. I get a hold of the pick-up guy. He's probably sick of hearing me but i can't help it. I'm in tears at this point. He goes to find Julie. Julie promises to call the delivery guy and see if he can call me with a 30 minute window. As I have stated, they had the wrong telephone number in the system. So when she asks to look it up in the system by the phone number, she can't find it under the right number, the wrong number OR my number. I don't have any comments on that. I have yet to hear back from this "amazing" individual....

OH YEAH. Carl also told me while he was on his lunch break that when he went into work today, he found that someone had stolen his tool box and all of his tools. (Estimated 4 years collected value at about $12,000.)

Is this day over yet?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?

They only problem is, they don't let unauthorized (pregnant) people in the BEL Furniture warehouse.

So here I am completely perturbed at this sight in my daughter's unfinished nursery.

It all started with the salesman 2 saturdays ago that was so proud of his 5 "Million Dollar Sale Plaques" on the wall to care what we felt about the furniture. As you all know, I'm rather opinionated so his pushy attitude would have been called out upon if I needed time to research this bedroom set. Fortunately for him, I knew what I wanted and I knew what I wanted to pay for it. They honored the price from a prior 2 week ad which brought the price from $3600 (without mattresses) to $1407 with 2 twin pillow-top mattress so I was feeling ok. I started to get irritated when he wanted us to sign for our order without showing us the mattresses. He finally slowed down when I told him that I wasn't going to sign and he wasn't leaving our side until he physically walked us to the mattress section and showed me what we were ordering. Turns out the original trundle mattress he tried to sell us for $50 less than the pillowtop could make my stuffed Teddy Ruxpin stiff. We ended up ordering two pillow-tops.

The order clerks at the store location told me the order would be at the warehouse at the end of the week so I had to take about an hour and a half off work early to get through the downtown Friday rush hour traffic. I called twice to verify that they had the order because let's face it, that drive doesn't appeal to ANYONE, let alone a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman. The lady at the pick up window told me my wait would be approximately 45 mintues. I waited almost 2 hrs!! 6 people were able to pick up their orders before me. 2 that were waiting prior to my arrival and 4 after I had already sat down. When she did finally call me to the window she told me that their inventory was wrong and they only had a full sized bed, which would cost me about $1,000 in upgrades. To order a new twin set would be impossible and the only option I had was to go get the floor model from the store. She explained that they order from overseas and that they had to order in large quantities/full container shipments and even if they decided to recarry the merchandise in stock it would take anywhere from 1-2 years to deliver. Carl asked for some sort of reimbursement for the trouble and she said the only thing she could do was offer free delivery, set up and "I'm sorry". So, he went to the store and a manager was able to get one ordered for us. Why is it that the store manager was able to get one ordered from another warehouse but the WAREHOUSE MANAGER couldn't?? Beats the snot out of me.

The delivery was set for Saturday (An entire week later), so I called to verify the order and the phone numbers on the order. Of course the number that the jack rabbit saleman wrote down was wrong. I should've double checked everything he wrote down but he was so busy trying to get rid of us to get to the next Million Dollar Plaque, I didn't even notice. At 11am the warehouse manager (Said, oh yeah, I remember you, the pregnant woman right?) told me that my order was being loaded and I would get a phone call with a window of delivery. (Approx. 4 hrs) That call never came. My delivery guys finally showed up at 9:30pm. The phone number on the delivery was incorrect, as was my order. The twin canopy came with a full-sized trundle that wouldn't fit under the bed. 2 correct posts for the bed came. along with 2 king sized bed posts. The driver told me that he would turn in the paperwork but to also call sutomer service Monday morning.

I have called for the past 4 hrs. When I finally got through, the CSR told me he'd patch me through to the customer service manager, which disconnected after being on hold for 5 minutes. I called again and on the 8th time of hanging up on voicemails, he told me that the warehouse manager wouldn't be in until 1pm. I called the store manager (at 11:02am) and she said she just "spoke with the warehouse manager" and she would call me shortly. Seems to me that they're all a bunch of sorries trying to cover each other's tracks. I felt like telling that "Store manager" that the last time I checked, Claudia, the warehouse manager, wouldn't be in until 1:00 pm.

I don't recommend to purchase from them unless you have a lot of patience and time on your hands. Roslynne will probably be born before everything gets here. I only regret taking part of the order and not getting a full refund.

If I don't get a call back by 2:00 p.m. the sage will continue. They're only going to wish a bunch of blood-thirsty ravaged vampires were coming from Forks to save them. @#$&^(#@(_&#@*)$&@($@&)(&$@)*expletive.

The End.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shopping for Lil' Roz...

I told my friend Monica, Carl called our daughter Little Rozi. She laughed and said, "Ima get her a grill."

That was so funny. We figured she'd get a lot of nicknames. Probably Rozi, Roz, and my mom doesn't pronounce R's too well. They come out sounding like L's. For instance, I'm Los or Lote. I don't think I've ever heard her say Z. It sounds like See. Anyhow, my mom will either give her a nickname or even call her Lynne.

Regardless, we went shopping for a bedroom set for her room last weekend. I wasn't feeling very well so I forgot to take pictures. I know. I must have been feeling REALLY down and out right? I will take pictures once we get it. :)

Today we ordered a little something from I use Swagbucks as my search engine and have accumulated $30 in Amazon gift certificates so it went towards this lovely Bassinet :) We are getting so excited to buy fun things! Apple also painted Roslynne's room so pictures of that to come too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That's what I'm doing these days...

6:30 am - Test blood sugar
8:00 am - Eat brekfast (1 starch, 2 meats)
10:00 am - Test blood sugar
10:30 am - Eat Snack ( 1 Meat, 1 starch)
12:00 pm - Eat Lunch (3 meats, 2 starch, 1 fruit, 2 vegetables, 2 fats, 1 milk)
2:00 pm - Test Blood Sugar
3:30 pm - Eat snack (1 Meat, 1 starch)
7:00 pm - Eat Dinner(3 meats, 2 starch, 1 fruit, 2 vegetables, 2 fats, 1 milk)
9:00 pm - Test blood sugar
9:30 pm - Eat snack (1 meat, 1 starch)

So as you can see, my day basically consists of testing and eating with the gestational diabetes diagnosis. I'm sure that I will soon get used to it but the shock is not wearing off easily. They say you go through 5 stages of grief after finding out. For the love of food, I go through all 5 stages everytime I walk into the grocery store. LOL.

It's not too bad. I just have to remember that it's for Roslynne's health and overall, mine too. That keeps me going. But SERIOUSLY? This schedule does not leave me much time for anything else.

Thus far, Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudge Bar Lites are my new summertime favorite. It's so stinkin' hot in Texas that's its the perfect guilt-free chocolate something every pregnant woman is entitled too. I recently bought Russell Stover's Sugar Free Pecan Candies but I eat them. I'm allowed 78g of fat per day and I just can't bring myself to give into a 12g temptation....