Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Calling and I LOVE IT!

So.... I recieved a new calling at church to be the Activity Days Leader for 8-9 year old girls (Kind of like Girl Scouts). I am SO excited. I planned 29 activities, including lesson plans with checkists and shopping lists! LOL. I'm even MORE excited that I will be working with two of my favoritest people in the entire universe: Yuki S. and Kate C. I've looked up a lot of different activities and tweaked some things too. Hopefully posting my lesson plans will help someone else with activity days and ALSO hope with my journaling/blogging. Looking back, I took time to write a lot and it's a great way to keep people in the know, as well as, for future reference... Instant gratification has kept me from blogging. I plan to copy and past this into the facebook group for the parents and will probably share some of the funnier pictures from activities on my wall (With parental consent of course) but I decided to make the valiant effort at updating all three. You'll have to excuse the typos and grammatical errors. I have found, now that I'm 30...yep, I admitted it, that it's not about how grande the final outcome is, it's about the offer itself. (Learned that while visiting teaching. LOL)So here it is, raw, and tweaked from Tonight:
Health and Grooming (FiG pg.11,3): Talk to girls about keeping their bodies clean and what it can be like if we don’t. Lesson: Have Yuki introduce Rose as new leader. Rose will be dressed down and look dirty with messy hair. Yuki acts like Rose smells and has bad breath, among other things. Yuki asks Rose when the last time she showered was, did she brush her teeth this morning, and when did she change her clothes last. Then Yuki hands Rose a mirror and asks if she looked at herself before leaving this morning. After Rose says no Yuki tells her that she might want to go take a look at her appearance in the bathroom and hands Rose her bag. Rose changes and comes back. Ask the girls what they noticed about Rose's BEFORE appearance and discuss the feelings the girls had when meeting their new leader while she was disheveled and how they felt when she came back clean and put together. HAVE A SNACK while Rose gets changed. Pass around a basket with the following items in it: Deodorant, loofah, soap, washcloth, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, headband, tissues, toothbrush, gum, lotion and a flower for hair and a comb. Each girl picks out 2 items and we discuss what those items are and why and when we use it. ACTIVITY After discussion, have manicures!

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