Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tiny twerty twoo twoo

Ever since she was a little mini ninja in my belly, we have had lots of nicknames for Roslynne. One is: Twertle. She has recently started to explain to us, "No, dadda. No mama. Tur-tall." This might be awful to put in print but we say it the "right/wrong" way to get a kick out of purely messing with her. If you can't enjoy your children, why have them? Hahahaha. Roslynne started at Community Kids School in Cochran's Crossing in The Woodlands on Sept 4th. We chose this private Baptist school because it's small, kid/teacher ratio is low, and they are a dedicated school serving children 18 mos-5 years.
Her first day was September 4th. She is going 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. I made sure that we went and toured a lot during their 1 month "Summer Program" so that Roz could get a good feel for it. She really loved it from the first day and wanted to play with all of the kids. She cried for about 10 minutes, didn't want to eat her lunch and failed to take a nap but I think that not eating lunch had to do with 2 things. 1. We had a large protein packed breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast and milk. 2. She was in a new environment. Miss Jessica (Her teacher) also noted that Roslynne is the youngest in her class and the only child that can say her 3 syllable name. I was awfully proud of that. Thank goodness for a diverse group of friends and lots or long names! When the kids laid down for a nap, most of them fell fast to sleep and when her teacher changed the kids sing-a-long dvd, Roslynne told her, "Thank you, Miss Jessica." I was quite proud of my polite tiny twerds. September 6th, 2012
Her 2nd day seemed to really excite her as we were leaving the house. I knew that she might be a little freaked out once we got to the school, as her memory would most likely serve her well and she knew that I would leave her there so we took a moment for a photo opt to be silly and have 3 minutes of fun!
Sitting at the table on her first day.
Miss Jessica said that this 2nd day, had been a good day. When we got to her classroom, Roslynne hollered and made a scene and grasped onto my body for dear life...It was reported that she calmed down in 10 minutes and really enjoyed herself. She ate all of her lunch and even took an hour nap at noon! Day Three: September 11, 2012
Roslynne: *Whining* "Mama, mama..." Rose: *Give Roslynne to Jessica* Roslynne: *whining some more* Jessica: "Hi Roslynne, what's wrong?' Roslynne: "I need uh baby" Jessica: "What baby do you want?" Roslynne: *Points* "That one." Rose: *no longer being acknowledged and left alone to a mild sadness* Day Four: September 13, 2012
Day four was a difficult day for me. She explained out by the truck that she didn't need to go into school. In fact, she said to me: "No school, mom. No Miss Jessica. No Miss Heather. Rozi's favorite color is pink." She was really piecing all of her sentences together to convince me that she didn't need to go in. HAHAHA
Once inside I put her at her desk and she didn't try to stay in my arms AT ALL. She sat down in her chair and said, "Mama, Mama, Mama." As soon as she was seated, Jessica asked her if she wanted a cracker, to which she replied, "Cracker? Did you say, cracker? Cracker please, Miss Jessica." So...I left. That was all she wrote... Roslynne has been saying 5 word sentences for the past few weeks but after only 4 days of pre-k, Roslynne can sing her ABC's, in exception of skipping MNO. Her version is: H,I,J,K,L...P... still cute. and instead of saying: Now I know my ABCs, she sings: Happy are we, know our ABCs. ********* I just finished my 29th lesson plan for Activity Days so I'm still uber stoked about my calling. I had some really awesome feedback and my friend, Elanor, who's daughter is in Senior Girls Activity Days, told me at church today that she adtually whipped out my before and after photos and gave her daughter a little lesson about outward appearances. That just MADE MY DAY! I can't wait to have our next meeting on the 26th about Inner and Outer grooming: Spirituality is a Thing of Beauty. GUNG HO SUPER STAR! I don't even know what that means but I really thought it out loud in my head. LOL. ********** Well, it's getting to be that time that I need to start the never ending process of laundry for the night so I'd better sign off. BUT REAL QUICK! We bought an annual membership to the Houston Zoo!! Here is our family picture to commemorate the awesome occasion! SO thankful to live in such a diverse city that offers many opportunities to spend quality time as a family <3

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