Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So the last time I blogged, my daughter was a week old. Hmmm....Time just flies.

I'll be changing from everal narrative points and it may sound like I'm crazy but I'm just trying to get it all out....please bare with me.

Things have been pretty crazy around our house. Updates:

August 8, 2010

August: Had a gorgeous little girl come into our lives. I didn't have a hard time with delivery and was up, walking on my own about 2 hours after birth. Adjusting to life wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be but I think it's because I was phyching myself out for the past 4 years, how it would be when I finally had a baby. Rose's mom came to visit for 2 weeks and we had a bunch of friends stop by to meet our newest addition. Grandpa George came a few times and Aunt Ranee came from Wyoming too.. We had to deal with some baby tummy issues but got them resolved around...

September: Baby girl was able to meet her Aunt Kim. Carl's sister's, Lindsay and Kim, Roslynne's cousin Caroline and Grandma Sue came to visit. Roslynne had her first trip to Galveston Beach, Kemah Boardwalk and Old Town Spring. We had a lot of photo shoots and basically spent a lot of time adoring a sweet girl. I was up and about taking the baby shopping and even going into the office a few times during this month to help transition before going back in...

October: It was tough to be going back to work but Roslynne had already been sleeping through the night for the last few weeks in September. Sleep deprivation has not been a problem. Basically just getting to work on time was my issue. nothaving time restaints for 2 months can really throw you out of wack. Luckily I didn't have the teary eyed good bye the firs tmorning back, nor did I have a break down when I left her with someone else. Basically for 2 reasons. The first reason is that our Nanny is a CNA. Second reason is that she is one of the best mother's I know. Wanna verify? Most of you probably know her: Amy Zmolek. :) She also happens to be one of my best friends. I don't have to worry about Rozi obtaining the snotty only child attitude (Not that everyonly/oldest child has this attitude, like me, lol.....but some do. LOL.) because Amy has 2 boys (Zack, 3 and Drew, 18 months) and they love on her like two doting big brothers. Drew shares food and Zach steals Drews toys to give to Roslynne and sometimes they have a tendency to love (Hugs) on her a little rough but it will only make her stronger. We went trick-or-treating around the block and at our church for Trunk or Treat. Roslynne and I were both bees and Carl was the Bee Catcher.

November: Our first Thanksgiving was a little tough. We planned a large gathering but our house decided to have a malfunction. (Basically) the entire first floor of our house was flooded by the resevoir on our toilet in the half bath. Luckily it was CLEAN water but the damage was terrifying for an OCD-Type A personality-Freakazoid. Luckily Amy came to our rescue and let us have dinner at her house. So SHE could be the OCD-Type A personality-Freakazoid.---> Which she did. Ha! Carl, Rozi, my dad, step-mom, brother, sister and I shared a fabulous 2/2 suite at the Marriott. It didn't turn out too bad, as they had a full breakfast buffet and dinner buffet every night that we stayed. I didn't have to lift a hair to clean or cook. I thought about flooding the upstairs for Christmas. LOL.

December: We were excited to put together Christmas, though the damage downstairs was still pretty substancial so we we turned my craft room/toy room into Christmas overload. Once again, we had too many presents under the tree but we had good friends to share in our small family fun. We all seemed extremely spoiled. Carl got some new clothes from J. Crew, some new silk ties, a "Leg" lamp replica from a Christmas story and a weekend getaway voucher for a small railroad city in North Texas. I got a brand new digital 60 stitch sewing machine, shoes and clothes. Roslynne recieved gifts from all over the country! Gifts from parents of friends and grandparents and aunts and uncles. Boscoe had too many ropes and treats that he still has not had a chance to take a bite out of.

January: has been a fun month. We can barely believe our little girl is 5 months and 11 days old! We have had a lot of videos and pictures posted on to facebook but we haven't had time to get on our blog. We will try to be less lazy (It's SO easy to upload to facebook and not have to write anything) and update more often.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular New Year!

Rose, Carl, Roslynne and Boscoe

(P.s. Pardon the French,er, grammar, I don't have time nor the want to proofread. Ha!)