Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?

They only problem is, they don't let unauthorized (pregnant) people in the BEL Furniture warehouse.

So here I am completely perturbed at this sight in my daughter's unfinished nursery.

It all started with the salesman 2 saturdays ago that was so proud of his 5 "Million Dollar Sale Plaques" on the wall to care what we felt about the furniture. As you all know, I'm rather opinionated so his pushy attitude would have been called out upon if I needed time to research this bedroom set. Fortunately for him, I knew what I wanted and I knew what I wanted to pay for it. They honored the price from a prior 2 week ad which brought the price from $3600 (without mattresses) to $1407 with 2 twin pillow-top mattress so I was feeling ok. I started to get irritated when he wanted us to sign for our order without showing us the mattresses. He finally slowed down when I told him that I wasn't going to sign and he wasn't leaving our side until he physically walked us to the mattress section and showed me what we were ordering. Turns out the original trundle mattress he tried to sell us for $50 less than the pillowtop could make my stuffed Teddy Ruxpin stiff. We ended up ordering two pillow-tops.

The order clerks at the store location told me the order would be at the warehouse at the end of the week so I had to take about an hour and a half off work early to get through the downtown Friday rush hour traffic. I called twice to verify that they had the order because let's face it, that drive doesn't appeal to ANYONE, let alone a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman. The lady at the pick up window told me my wait would be approximately 45 mintues. I waited almost 2 hrs!! 6 people were able to pick up their orders before me. 2 that were waiting prior to my arrival and 4 after I had already sat down. When she did finally call me to the window she told me that their inventory was wrong and they only had a full sized bed, which would cost me about $1,000 in upgrades. To order a new twin set would be impossible and the only option I had was to go get the floor model from the store. She explained that they order from overseas and that they had to order in large quantities/full container shipments and even if they decided to recarry the merchandise in stock it would take anywhere from 1-2 years to deliver. Carl asked for some sort of reimbursement for the trouble and she said the only thing she could do was offer free delivery, set up and "I'm sorry". So, he went to the store and a manager was able to get one ordered for us. Why is it that the store manager was able to get one ordered from another warehouse but the WAREHOUSE MANAGER couldn't?? Beats the snot out of me.

The delivery was set for Saturday (An entire week later), so I called to verify the order and the phone numbers on the order. Of course the number that the jack rabbit saleman wrote down was wrong. I should've double checked everything he wrote down but he was so busy trying to get rid of us to get to the next Million Dollar Plaque, I didn't even notice. At 11am the warehouse manager (Said, oh yeah, I remember you, the pregnant woman right?) told me that my order was being loaded and I would get a phone call with a window of delivery. (Approx. 4 hrs) That call never came. My delivery guys finally showed up at 9:30pm. The phone number on the delivery was incorrect, as was my order. The twin canopy came with a full-sized trundle that wouldn't fit under the bed. 2 correct posts for the bed came. along with 2 king sized bed posts. The driver told me that he would turn in the paperwork but to also call sutomer service Monday morning.

I have called for the past 4 hrs. When I finally got through, the CSR told me he'd patch me through to the customer service manager, which disconnected after being on hold for 5 minutes. I called again and on the 8th time of hanging up on voicemails, he told me that the warehouse manager wouldn't be in until 1pm. I called the store manager (at 11:02am) and she said she just "spoke with the warehouse manager" and she would call me shortly. Seems to me that they're all a bunch of sorries trying to cover each other's tracks. I felt like telling that "Store manager" that the last time I checked, Claudia, the warehouse manager, wouldn't be in until 1:00 pm.

I don't recommend to purchase from them unless you have a lot of patience and time on your hands. Roslynne will probably be born before everything gets here. I only regret taking part of the order and not getting a full refund.

If I don't get a call back by 2:00 p.m. the sage will continue. They're only going to wish a bunch of blood-thirsty ravaged vampires were coming from Forks to save them. @#$&^(#@(_&#@*)$&@($@&)(&$@)*expletive.

The End.


Sue said...

OMG!! I was getting tense reading this. That has got to be one of the most annoying and frustrating experiences a person can have--dealing with inept sales people.

Sue said...

OMG!! I was getting tense reading this. That has got to be one of the most annoying and frustrating experiences a person can have--dealing with inept sales people.