Monday, March 30, 2009

Good deals sunshine!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hot Dang....What a deal!

Ooooh la la...

$17.97 - Twilight Special Edition DVD
$ 5.28 - 4 Knox Gelatin
$15.84 - 4 Glucerna Cereals
-$16.00 - 4 $4 off Knox Gelatin
-$20.00 - 4 $5 off Glucerna Cereals
- Plus Tax
$ 4.49 - Grand Total

Philippians 4:19

"And my God will liberally supply your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

There is still a lot of recipes to be added but today is the day of our Relief Society Enrichment Meeting. I had mentioned the work of this website several weeks ago, it will continually be a work in progress but here's what I have so far!

Heavenly Father loves all of us and I am ecstatic to know he knows each one of us individually as his child. He provides and will always provide. Don't let these tough times get you down. Pray, talk to him, and GO SHOPPING!

Budget on a Dollar

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pick up the Pace...

Picante Sauce that is. LOL. I slay myself....

Here is a link to get $4.00 off ANY Pace Picante sauce!!! Woohoo. SCORE!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Adventures of the BFFs

Just some funny things to think back on and laugh about when we're gray.

Carl: Where is it?
Rose: The drawer to the left.
Carl: (To the tune of Beyonce's Irreplaceable) To the left, to the left...It's in a drawer to the left.
Rose: I bought you that stud finder for Christmas, where is it?
Carl: (Comes back from garage holding tool to chest) I found a stud!

Monica: I had this friend who was allergic to chicken.
Rose: What?
Monica: Yeah, chicken but she ate eggs. We used to make fun of her.
Rose: Maybe she was allergic to the chicken feathers. You know, like chicken pillows.
Monica: (Staring in disbelief)
Rose: What?
Monica: Did you really just say that? Cause sometimes I just look at you because I don't have anything to respond. So sometimes when I say nothing, that's why.
Rose: It was a misunderstanding. That's what we'll say in the office as a code word. Cheeeeken Peeelow.
Rose: I'm standing on the edge of a cliff and I'm ready to push someone off of it.
Monica: DON'T DO IT.
Rose: Tell your mom I want to meet her.
1 week later
Monica: My mom said to take it slow.
Both: Hahahahahaha. She's funny.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So there I was….

The time change has seriously messed with my head. I haven’t been awake since 7:00 all week! Maybe the past 8 months of 5:30 a.m. wake up calls caught up. I’m not sure which but I miss those few extra hours of time to do things!

So there I was… Driving down Cypresswood to get to work. I was so proud that I got up a teeny weeny bit earlier than I have been this week. I was able to take Boscoe out for a walk, shower AND get ready for work. (Without arriving there lookin’ like a dirtball.) Not only was I proud of my few accomplishments, I was feeling jive and happy to be alive, in my jeans, especially since it’s Friday. (Buuuuzzzzzetttt: the sound of a vinyl being scratched to a stop.)

AWE CRUD! It’s NOT Friday! Jeans are Friday attire. I was on time for work…. Statements are do at work. This was not the time to show up to work in jeans. Statement period is a time for utmost diligence and the follow of protocol is mandatory. Today was not the day to show up out of dress I turned around and went back home to get dress pants.

LOL. I am a such a space cadet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We got the hook baby...

We got the hook baby...

Back a few weeks ago we helped our friends (We'll call them the Z's) paint a bedroom in there house. Needless to say, Carl is a pro if you guys ever need help painting!


I, on the other hand, am a major klutz. My feet can prove it too!

Ugly foot:


Pretty room!


With the budget we have set for ourselves, we were able to take advantage of some really great deals!

Carl has been pricing tires for his truck and the last place he checked gave him a "rock bottom price quote" of $875 for 4 tires! The top tires he really wanted for his truck came quoted $1300! Thanks to good ol' Trader's Village, we found the "top dawg or all tires" (Some people speak Spanish, this is an example of how to speak Carl. LOL) for the awesome price of $495! We pulled up, tires were removed, mounted and balanced, paid and back in the truck on our merry way in 30 minutes. Let us know if you need tires too! I still can't get over it! I haven't seen Carl this hapy since I bought him a Sonicare toothbrush. What can say, we live exciting lives. LOL.

Here's some photos of Carl enjoying this moment with to the very core of his being... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket.\\

We were also able to get the blinds we have been waiting for!

Here is Carl Hard at work:

We got blinds for all the windows downstairs and even some curtain rods for the kitchen dining nook. What do you think? I feel as if we've come a long way?

With curtains:

With a Blinds:

With Curtains and Blinds:

So if you need a painter, blinds hanger, or a good deal on tires, call Carl! LOL.

That's what we've been up too. I started this post a million trillion brazillion years ago...but we did some other home stuffies too. Till then, be safe, be happy! Love, Us

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Welcome to our world...

"Call the Doctor. Pepper hit me!"

"I don't know why...he swallowed a Mesquito. I hope he doesn't die!" (That song, "I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die." Boscoe choked on a mesquito...)

"That makes Jesus happy."

"I'm sory, I am not going to eat the skin. Do you want to save it to make some gravy or something?"

"I knew it! He loves Molly." (That's Carl's quote about the Bachelor. Shocked? Me too.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rose Animated


Ranee (My sister) always tells me about how I should be a cartoon. Here is the second edition of Rose Animated. We’ll title it: Soda Hurts.

We bought a few 12 packs of Soda and put them on top of the fridge. We had some friends over for dinner last night so we partook of the sodas. I got up as usual with Carl to ship him off with breakfast and a lunch pail. I decided to make pork tamales so I went to the fridge to get the ingredients.

I opened the door and crouched in front of the drawers…. All 11 Dr. Pepper’s in the (incorrectly) opened box dropped down 1 by 1 on my head! I reflect thinking, I should have moved out of the way, but I blame the initial shock as stunting my ability to move… I just stayed in my crouching position, still shocked, wondering if what just happened, really happened. I heard a faint hissing noise as I started to put the Dr. Pepper’s into the door of the fridge. (I figured, I might as well put them away now that the box was torn.) I couldn’t figure out where the hissing sound was coming from, so I grabbed each can looking for a leak. The 3rd one I inspected squirted the carbonated beverage right into my face!

If you are wondering if I cried, the answer is no. I was busy trying to be mad at someone. Anyone to be mad at would do. In the end I laughed so hard I cried. I shared the story with my co-workers. I told them it was a shame I act so weird all the time because now how are we supposed to know whether I’m disoriented by my beverage beating? LOL.

Until next time…. Have a super day!