Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arby's Anyone?

If you missed Quizno's...try a free sandwich from Arby's! I've heard great things so far. I'll let you know reviews soon! Go here.

(Thanks again, Denise!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get it while its hot!

Clink here and get a free Quizno's sub sandwhich!(First million will be able to print so go fast, hurry! Hurry! Hurry!)

So, my money saving has gone to the extreme but I won't need to buy any other household goods for a very long time! Our household is still on the "Budget on a Dollar" challenge. $1 per person per meal thing. I was afraid Kim and Carl would hate it but we're going on the 7th month! It's really gotten to the point where we've changed out ientire life style. (It definately helps the budget when you can find so many free coupons!) Keep your naner's peeled for McD's coupons and others!

Anyhow, I am slowly coming back into blogger life... It almost feels weird to have time to be able to post in the mornings!

See you tomorrow and have a great day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello again world!

Yes the Texas based Braunings are alive and well: just busy and having a ball with life! Words cannot describe how much I missed my affair with blogging though. It can be such an escape from the outside world, with an inside view. Ha! (Have you missed my before-the-sun-humor? LOL.)

It has been a busy place around these parts. The days have been long (Approx. 18 hours long for yours truly.) They have been jam packed with work, (We have been short 1 person in the office for 2 weeks looking for the perfect person to fill in.) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, refinancing, fun church stuff, family/friend get togethers, scrubbing toilets, sweeping floors, vacuuming, deal digging, table buying, drugstore mayhem and website designing. Not in that order but a small granule of each pile a day.

Some exciting things:

Visit my sis-in-law's blog at to see her AMAZING clothes rehab... She is a total inspiration and I doubt I will EVER spend more than $3 on a dress again.

My sister Kim is here! She is working at Payless and living an out-west Texas dream! We love you Kimmy and are so glad ou're here!

Work. Can I just say how much I love my job? I still love RLM. We're gonna start a basketball team. RLM Marlins. Nice ring to it?

This commercial.

Deal digging! We found this brand new table at the salvation army for $200! The price tag at a local dealer is almost 10 times as much! I love, love, love it!


Amost equally embarassing as it is exciting!

Embarrassing because I've been frivilously dreaming abut this car but exciting because it fits right into our budget after refinancing and deal digging!(Click on picture to see the coplete profile.)


Well, so far that's all I have since I have to had off to work. Now that things have calmed down at the work-stead, I am assuming life as I knew it will go back to normal and I will blog too often and shop too much.... Have a great day!